Drum and fire show

Siim Koppel and Siim Jõgioja have put together the biggest drum and fire show in the history of Estonia!

The spectacle is powerful and the men are drumming as if there were no tomorrow.
Fireworks are fired into the sky and the fire show is so hot that even the drums light up!
Fire dancers can also be ordered.

If you want shine and poison for your event at the same time, this is the choice for you.
Shows can be taken both indoors and outdoors.

Contact us and we will discuss the details.

Why invite two drummers to your event who play the drums with full passion?

By now, the two Siimuses have been doing drum and fire shows together for several years and in that time the show has developed to a high level.

The Siimude show is a particularly popular drum show for weddings or other events where you want people to go outdoors in between rooms for a change of scenery.

It’s entertainment that will give you chills and bring a sparkle to the eyes of young and old alike.

A drum show is also a great way to end an event as a surprise. Drummers finally set both drums and drumsticks on fire.

However, why not start your event right away with a bang and energy, as an icebreaker!