Couplers blue drums

Fun cooperative activities on drums

What is it about?

Siim and Kristel Koppel have created a rhythmic team workshop as a group for fun at company parties, summer days and more. The rhythmic movement and drumming together gets the life flowing in your veins and is a great way to open people up at the start of an event or to give participants a pep talk during a long day of training.

How does it work?

It’s a drum room and movement together! Siim has built 29 unique pipe drums, behind which everyone has the opportunity to beat a variety of simple rhythms with drumsticks, and at the same time get an easy and enjoyable workout.

The movement is simple and Kristel demonstrates all the strokes and moves. The background is captivating and modern music, energized by Siim with his drum kit and African drum Djembe!

Write to us and we’ll find the best solution to make your people happy.