I have been a drummer and have played other rhythm instruments for more than half of my life. I have had the honor of playing drums for more than ten different ensembles, both in concerts and in recordings of singles and albums.

This instrumental album, Meditation Without Thought, is special in that it is the first album created by me alone. Although I usually find me making music with a drum kit or an African drum with Djembe, this album has a beautiful handpan drum. Also known as the “ufopill”. The handpan drum has a calming and mystical sound and is often used in ceremonies, meditative events and yoga.

The drum album “Meditation Without Thoughts” is not available as a CD, but as a virtual, downloadable album and can be purchased from the online store with a pack of carefully selected incense. Whenever you feel the need to breathe and purify your thoughts or recharge your energy – just light the incense and let the soft drum beats.

Siim Koppel's music hang aka handpan drum album
How I can be useful to you?

I’ll come to your event to entertain

I play drums alone or with a band or DJ. Drum rhythms are indispensable in the entertainment of the event.

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I’ll create signature music for you

When I’m not behind the drums, I write and create music. I create signature music for ads, podcasts, and more.

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I teach or rent drums

I offer the opportunity to learn both the drum kit, the African drum Djembet and the handpan. Private lessons, paired lessons and drum circles.

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I’ll play you contemplative music

If you want more peace in your life, listening to contemplative music played with a handpan drum is the right thing to do.

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Are you looking for joint activites for your team?

An African drum or Djembe drum ring is a great way to spend time with a team or party guests. Each participant in the drum ring will receive one Djembe to play. Let’s start with the drum. Let’s find out what and how it is made and what voice comes out of it. Then we start testing the beats and rhythms. In the end, we have real musicians ready to play the real song.

There are no prerequisites for participating in Djembe’s workshop. Whether you have been exposed to rhythms and music in the past, everyone can do it and the time they have fun is guaranteed. The duration of the workshop is half to one hour, depending on the schedule of the event.

I have a lot of djembes, but if there are even more visitors to your event, we can make a drum circle in several parts or we will also include shakers, smaller percussion instruments or something else full of fantasy. In any case, we organize so that everyone can feel like the biggest drum ensemble in Estonia!

Siim Koppel UV SHOW

A unique and energetic spectacle with drums and dancers that will make your event memorable.

The UV drum show was originally inspired by space and the north. To date, we have done so in different configurations and themes.

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Laste löökpill cajon trumm väike Siim Koppel
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Handpan trumm Hang müük Siim Koppel
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Siim Koppel's music hang aka handpan drum album
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Siim Koppel Thoughtless Riddle hang drum album with incense4
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